Planting Guide


Syngonium podophyllum

Care: Minimal

Light: Indoor - Medium to Low

Water: Distilled/ Filtered Water ONLY - Check  Every Wednesday

Feed: One to Two Times a Year

Getting To Know Artemis the Arrowhead

Artemis is the real warrior and can thrive in any sort of neglect. Indoor or outdoor settings he continues to rise. Put him in a shady spot during the summer months and he’ll rise. Keep him warm in the winter by keeping him sheltered. He’s the perfect jungle soldier he can survive in a swamp as well as your home. 


  1. Follow the Planting Guide by scanning the QR Code located at the bottom of this page

  2. Fertilize 1x/month

  3. Water 1x/ week

    1. Keep soil slightly damp

  4. Low light or bright office area

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