Planting Guide

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Lambs Ear

Stachys byzantina

Care: Minimal

Light: Outdoor Full to Partial Sun

Water: Distilled/ Filtered Water ONLY - Check  Every Wednesday

Feed: Every Other Month

Getting To Know Your Lambs Ear    

A popular outdoor plant with silvery, soft leaves, these plants are great for kids. Their name comes from the soft feel of their leaves and also produce little flowers in the late spring/summer. You can leave the flowers to bloom, although we would recommend snipping them off if you are looking for a more bushy plant. During the winter months, this plant will survive inside in a sunny spot. You will want to make sure you decrease the watering when brought inside, as it does not like to be overwatered. Avoid getting the leaves wet, as she can be susceptible to leave rot and leaf diseases. This plant is very easy to grow and care that will grow and grow and grow those fun, soft, fuzzy leaves. These leaves are often used for medicinal purposes as well and will help relieve the pain from bee stings. 


  1. Follow the Planting Guide by scanning the QR Code located at the bottom of this page

    To keep the beautiful markings you need to provide good to bright light. Avoid direct sun exposure and low light conditions.

    Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)

  2. Let water run through pot

  3. Water: summer/fall: once weekly Spring/Winter: once every two week