Planting Guide

Neon Pothos

Epipremnum aureum

Care: Minimal… Is this a plastic plant?

Light: Indoor - Low to Medium, Outdoor - Limited Direct Sun

Water: Tap Water - Every Wednesday

Feed: One to Two Times a Year

Getting To Know Nancy

The pothos is commonly known as the easiest to care for house plant, go ahead, ask Alexa. This one is just like that, but here comes Nancy the Neon Pothos as the most brilliant vibrant brother of the pothos family. With his vibrant colors he is rare and he is often seen as a unicorn within the plant world. Don’t let that scare you, he can take as much or as little water as you remember.

Let his locks grow long, or make a bushier base with some trimming techniques we have laid out for you here (VIDEO)


  1. Follow the Planting Guide by scanning the QR Code located at the bottom of this page

  2. Fertilize 1x/month

  3. Water 1x/ week

    1. Keep soil slightly damp

  4. Low light or bright office area

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