Planting Guide

Contents of Your Box:

  • Plant

  • Handmade Concrete Pot

  • Hand Cut or Hand Poured Coaster

  • Soil Packet

  • Plant Food Viles

  • Rocks or Moss Packets

  • Tool or Tool Set

  • Some paper shreddings that are ready for the compost. Not your thing? We get it...please RECYCLE!

Scroll to the bottom for a more in-depth planting guide video


Step One

To get started, lay out newspaper/cloth to create a nice workspace (and will make for an easy clean-up).

Once laid out, unpack everything from your box.

Step Two

While holding the bag of soil vertically, cut open the top and pour in the plant food.

If you received moss, pour in ¼ - ½ cup of warm water into the bag.

Step Three

Once everything has been set up, remove your plant from its container and let’s get ready to plant!


Step Five

Place the plant into the pot (be sure to orient it to show off its best side).

Step Four

Spoon in soil from your bag into your pot and fill until almost full. Pack down your soil to create room for your plant.

Step Six

Spoon in more soil from your bag around the plant, flip over your shovel and use it to lightly pack as you go. You may not need to use all the soil provided; the goal is to cover a thin layer above the roots.

You've Done it!

Step Eight

Now let’s find the perfect spot for your plant. If you aren’t sure, be sure to check out your plants care page on our website to find the best lighting situation.

Step Seven

Let’s accessorize. Squeeze out excess water in the moss and place your moss around the base of your plant to give it an extra look. If you received rocks as well, add them after the moss. Isn’t she a beauty?

Step Nine

Water, water, water! Let your plant adjust in its new home for a week. After the first week, water your new plant.

We Water Wednesday creates all-in-one planting boxes curated to your individual planting skills shipped directly to your door. We also offer monthly plant subscription boxes, perfect gifts for friends, teachers and loved ones.

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