Succulent Plant Kit Includes:

  • Handpoured Cement Pot
  • Coaster
  • Soil Packet
  • Food Vile
  • Rocks
  • Tool Kits
  • Planting Instructions
  • Care Guide


Small Plant Kit includes a 2.5 inch potted plant.

Large Plant Kit includes a 4 inch potted plant. 


Care: Very Minimal

Light: High light  

Water: Tap Water - Check 1st Wednesday of every month

Feed: One to Two Times a Year


Getting To Know your Mom 1000

Momma 1000 was chosen for you because she is easy to care for and constantly changing. This strong succulent makes tonnes of babies, some may say… thousands ;) and is generally easy to please and forgiving of neglect. (And this is why plants are better than people). She likes a lot of light and to dry out between waterings. (Best way to tell when she is ready - if her big momma leaves start to get extra droopy or the soil starts to move away from the pot and plant, generally 1x/ 2 weeks during the summer and fall months when kept outside and 1-2x/ month when kept inside )

Mother of Thousands

Add Plant Kit (see description below)
$5 Mystery Add On

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