Coppertone Sedum

Coppertone Sedum

Also Known As

Sedum nussbaumerianum






Summer: Weekly / Winter: Every Other Week



Getting to know your

Coppertone Sedum

Cassie is a laid-back, easy going girl from the Stonecrop family. She was chosen for you because of her easy going nature. Some gardeners joke that she is easier to care for than a rock, but Cassie doesn’t like being compared to a rock (she thinks she’s much prettier). Usually, her leaves are light yellow but given more age and light, her leaves may start to turn into a copper color giving way to her name, Cassie the Coppertone Sedum. She is an easy girl to take care of with a little water and lots of sunlight. Her motto is, “Lots of sun, lots of leaves!” She is the perfect match for beginners wanting a beautiful succulent to brighten up their window sill.


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Full sun
Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)
Let water run through pot
Water: summer/fall: once weekly Spring/Winter: once every two week