Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus

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Easter Cactus

A popular succulent grown indoors, this plant has some of the most beautiful flowers in all of the plant kingdom. This succulent gets its name from its blooms which typically start around Easter time and continue long after. Special care will be required to get her to bloom. Ensure she gets cool nights (50-55 degrees) and 17 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Depending on the humidity of your home, this plant will need to be watered once a week at least. When found in nature, these plants grow on tree branches in humid, jungle like conditions. A favorite holiday plant, Easter Cactus are succulents that are usually grown as houseplants. Although, if you do move her outside in the summer, she will need to be placed in an area that does not get direct sun, because she will burn easily.


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