Felt Bush

Felt Bush

Also Known As

Kalanchoe beharensis






Summer: Weekly / Winter: Every Other Week



Getting to know your

Felt Bush

Kalanchoe beharensis is an evergreen shrub. The stem is about 4.9 ft long, slender and knotted. Leaves are olive green, triangular-lanceolate shaped, decussately arranged (pairs at right-angles to each other) with leaf margins that are doubly crenate (crinkled). Each leaf is about 10 cm (4 in) long and 5–10 cm (2–4 in) wide. The bottoms of the leaves are glabrous (smooth and glossy), and covered with a woolly hair towards the apex. The leaf hairs are brown, and the tips of the teeth are darker. The hairs on the stem, younger leaves, and petioles (leaf stalks) are white. A sign of older leaves is concavity on the upper surface. Inflorescences are 50–60 cm (20–24 in) high, forming a branched corymb. Flowers are on short pedicels (stalks). The calyx is 7 mm long with lobes that are oblong and acuminate (tapering to a point). The corolla tube is urn-shaped and 7 mm long.[3] Blooming occurs from spring to summer, and flowers are small and yellowish.


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Full sun
Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)
Let water run through pot
Water: summer/fall: once weekly Spring/Winter: once every two week