Gold Tooth Aloe

Gold Tooth Aloe

Also Known As

Aloe x nobilis






Weekly. Distilled Water Only



Getting to know your

Gold Tooth Aloe

The low-growing, clumping aloe reaches about one foot tall and wide with many clustering offsets. It has thick, succulent, short, green leaves that grow in rosettes with large, yellow, toothed edges along the margins of the plant. The gold tooth aloe produces tall, striking orangey-red blooms in late spring through mid summer on two feet tall stalks that grow above the plant. It has a long blooming cycle. The flowers attract bees, butterflies, and birds. Use it in containers and raised planters. Mix this stunning aloe with other drought-resistant cacti and succulents in rock gardens or with boulders. Use it as an accent, in edging gardens, along small, entry beds, and in masses. This aloe is believed to be a hybrid and does not occur naturally.


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Full sun
Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)
Let water run through pot
Water: summer/fall: once weekly Spring/Winter: once every two week