Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks

Also Known As

Sempervivum tectorum






Summer: Weekly / Winter: Every Other Week



Getting to know your

Hens and Chicks

Hens and Chicks are a wonderfully fun and easy succulent to grow and grow and grow and grow. A member of the Sempervivum family, these ladies live forever!!! The momma does not actually live forever but because she is always making abies her family line can “live forever”. Like man succulents she likes a lot of sun, she will even develop new colors if given enough in the spring and summer. Let the soil dry before each watering and do not leave outside in extremely cold weather. As she grows more babies, snip them off and drop them in some new well-draining soil (also available on our website. These chicks will root quickly and soon become a mother themselves.


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Full sun
Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)
Let water run through pot
Water: summer/fall: once weekly Spring/Winter: once every two week