Starfish Plant

Starfish Plant

Also Known As

Sansevieria Cylindrica









Getting to know your

Starfish Plant

This uniquely fun plant is part of the Sansevieria Family, like many sansevierias, is a set it and forget it type of plant. They are commonly referred to as Snake Plants, or Mother in Law’s Tongue and Patrick here is a very special variety with its cylindrical leaves. He can be placed in a well lit area, or in a shaded area with minimal natural light. He does not like to be watered often and hates getting his leaves wet, so a simple watering one time a month or a mist every Wednesday will be just perfect for him. Included in this kit is soil made just for him that is quick draining, so make sure you keep a coaster under him or water him in the sink, but only do so when he is completely dry.


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Sun or Shade
Water below leaves (don’t get leaves wet)
Let water run through pot
Water: One time per month